Activities Near Paris and Bear Lake

At the Loft or Homestead in Paris:

1.  Pioneer Games (For use at any time during your stay)
Supplies and instructions provided for: gunny sack race, relic scavenger hunt (in grassy area behind Loft or Homestead) preceded by a prep activity, three-legged race, egg (or water balloon) toss, egg-in-a spoon race, jump rope competition.  Also, learn a pioneer round dance with lively music (instructor provided).    Group price -- $70.   Reservations required.  E-mail Patricia at:

2.  Group Photos in Pioneer Clothing at a Historic Setting:   We provide the pioneer clothing.  Women's attire includes skirt/blouse or dress, bonnet, shawl, and/or apron.  Men's attire includes a shirt and hat, some vests or suspenders.  Children's clothing for boys and girls of various sizes is available.  Choose one of the following settings: in the foreground of the authentic 1863 cabin (next to the Loft), nestled in the trees behind the Loft, or posing along the walkway of the Homestead.   A handcart or pioneer wagon will be available at the location you choose.  Use your own cameras/phones.   $5 per person or $150 per group  Reservations required.  E-mail Patricia at:

3.  Pioneer Handcart Trek in Paris IdahoHandcart Trek – Approximately two hours of fun with a live interactive program, a pioneer dance, and a trek where modern-day pioneers (you) take turns pulling a handcart to 20 campsites wearing a bonnet or hat of the times.  At each site you will re-enact something the pioneers did (for example: lay wood for a campfire, scrub clothing on a wash board, negotiate for buffalo jerky from Native Americans, shoot a bow and arrow, turn cream into butter by shaking it along the way, and enjoy it on cornbread when you arrive in Zion).   Bring a water bottle, and wear shoes (not sandals).  Children 5 and under are free.  Minimum of 30 paying trekkers.   $12 per person.  Advance reservations required.  E-mail Patricia at


4.  Volleyball & Croquet – Grounds are behind the buildings.  Bring your own equipment.

5.  Tour of Historic Paris Tabernacle – One block North of the Loft/Homestead, in the center of Paris.  Guided Tours 9:30 – 5:30.  Free of charge.

In Paris Canyon:  10 miles West from Highway 89 on 200 South (Paris Canyon Road).

6.  Paris Springs - Watch water gush out of the ground; see moss growing on rocks, fallen trees, etc.  Park near Paris Springs Campground, then walk along the trail about 100 yards to the spring.

In Bloomington Canyon : Turnoff is five minutes South of Paris on Highway 89.

7.  Bloomington Lake – 10 miles West from Highway 89 on Bloomington Canyon Road  (might be gravel).  Park in the parking area and take a scenic hike around Bloomington Lake.  No charge.  35 minute drive.  Approximately 90 minute hike.

In St. Charles Canyon:  Turnoff is 7 minutes South of Paris on Highway 89.  Watch for a large sign to Minnetonka Cave, then go West 10 miles.  (About 40 minutes from Paris).

8. Minnetonka Cave – (Especially popular with youth groups)   Hours: 10 am to 5:30 pm.   Reserve several months in advance, beginning March 1st.    Call (435) 245-4422 (Scenic Canyonlands).  Spiritual Tours (Hold to the Rod, etc.) are given at 6:00 pm.  If you want a campfire and devotional afterward, let them know, and bring your own wood.  There are picnic tables and seats for 30.  Bring your own extra camp chairs.  Bring jackets, as the temperature inside the cave is 40 degrees!  There are 444 stairs. 
$8 adults, $6 children, $32 family 

In St. Charles:

9.  Horse-drawn Wagon Rides – 45 minute ride around St. Charles. 
Well-behaved children may take turns holding the reins. 
$5 per person, $50 minimum.  Call Bob Miskin at (208) 540-1491

10.  Bear Lake North Beach – Swimmers will enjoy a 2-mile-long beach.  The gradual slope of the lake bottom provides an enormous swimming area (safer for children), and great sand for sand castles.  Ramps are available for boaters.   $5 per car.

In Montpelier:  (Ten miles Northeast of Paris on Highway 89.  Turn left on 4th St. in Montpelier, and go  a few blocks.  It's on a NE corner with a very large white "Ox & Wagon" sculpture in front.)

11.  National Oregon/California Trail Center  (320 North 4th St., Montpelier)
9am to 5 pm   $12 adults, $9 youth, $5 six and younger.

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